Beams, Posts, Rafters & Joists

Timber is straightened, fine sawn and accurately dressed square to dimension. Other finish options include sawn, wire brush finish or dressed all round (DAR).

Long lengths of timber are available for machining. An historic or aged appearance can also be achieved, if required. This is very popular for large pergola structures.


Posts & Beams

We specialise in large post/beam construction. As large posts are always in stock we can manufacture to your individual design and offer advice on technical detailing and connections.

We can also match species and colour for a consistent appearance. Bolt holes can be plugged with matching species and grain.

We also manufacture skirting boards, architraves, fascia boards and a broad range of other timber products to match your every requirement.

Machined Timber Gallery

Moment Resisting Joints / Uplift Restraint

AAH has developed a system of embedded threaded rod in the END-GRAIN of dry hardwood sections.Pictured is a 10mm ms rod during and after load testing showing that our embedment system develops the full tensile capacity of the mild steel( in this case in excess of 3 tonnes).This can be a very effective tool in providing discreet solutions for the engineering constraints.

10mm embedded rod test
10mm embedded rod test