Ironbark Benchtop
Wide board Timber Benchtops & Tables
Each bench top is unique and gives your home a warm and sophisticated feel.
Brushbox stairs
Stairs & Cantilevered Stair Treads
We fabricate stair treads, kites, winders, landings, stringers as well as cantilevered stair treads
Bluegum bridge
Landscape Products
We manufacture a wide range of large sections suitable for outdoor settings.
Ironbark column boxes
Column & Beam Boxes
Used to conceal unsightly posts and beams as well as sewer & stormwater pipes and electrical wiring.
Trusses and elements
Machined Timber
Timber is straightened, fine sawn and accurately dressed square to dimension.
Bow string trusses
Manufactured in cross-section members, pre-assembled or sent flat pack.
Brushbox laminated beam
Laminated Timber
We laminate curved and deep structural beams to your specifications.
Steam bent battens
Steam Bent Timber
We can bend sections to a radius of 80 times their thickness or even less.