Timber Appearance


Appearance can vary according to the previous use of the timber and its condition before processing. Appearance can range from an aged condition with fine surface checking, nail and borer holes through to a clean, fresh, as new look.

We are also able to vary the surface finish. Available finishes include grey, wire brushed, sawn and dressed. Simply let us know your preference when you place your order.

Optional Features

     Surface Texture

~ Dressed or planer finish.

~ Sawn finish, usually circular saw marks. Bandsaw finish is available.

~ Wire brushed finish.


     Colour & Patina

~ Pre-aged grey - Driftwood grey on sawn or dressed profiles.

~ Lime wash - To create a washed out effect on paler timbers.

~ Pickled finish - Aged brown effect usually done to Douglas Fir.

~ Char finish - Degree of charring can be varied to request.

~ Ebonised finish - To create a more organic blackened look compared to a black stain.


To see samples of these effects please click here.

To see photos of these effects please click here.